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The cure for those pesky capital gains!

Do you still have those shares of Bell Canada you bought in 2008? If you sold them today, they would be hit with a 64% capital gain tax. Still have Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce stock from 2009? Sell them today with a 66% capital gain tax expense. Transcontinental Pipeline in 2001? Hit today with a 74% capital gain tax!

Thanks to changes in Canadian tax laws in May of 2006, donating securities – versus donating after-sale funds – eliminates the capital gains tax typically paid for by the donor. That is, the entire security amount can be donated to a charity at the security market-value. In addition to the capital gain tax savings on the front-end of the donation, the donor receives a charitable tax write-off on the entire market-value contribution. In the example provided here, a $5,000 donation of securities (pre-capital gain) versus cash (post-capital gain) yields a tax savings of $1,344 shared between donor and charity!

Your portfolio may never be worth as much to you or your charity as it is right now. Give today.

More Reasons to Give


The new level of contribution titles in our Investor Circle are inspired by the themes and messages outlined in two recently published books.

Artistic Citizenship, written/edited by David Elliott and Marissa Silverman (2016), discusses the responsibility of artists to promote and embody positive societal change. Rooted in the Ancient Greek philosophical concept of praxis, the book examines the importance of community and the process of consciously thinking through options to arrive at solutions that benefit society above self, compassion above oppression, mankind/planet above profit/economy (here).

Music, Health and Wellbeing, written/edited by Ray MacDonald et al (2012), was one of the first publications to bring together a collection of studies focused solely on the benefit of music to our overall health and wellbeing. Cited often, it examines the impact of music in our lives at the mental, physical and societal levels. The book supports the concepts of Artistic Citizenship in its pursuit of not only good health, but also living a good life (here).

The Amadeus Choir has demonstrated over its 46 year history a strong commitment to community support, social inclusiveness and artistic integrity. New Investor Circle titles are deliberately positioned as community objectives rather than individual achievements.

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Help Kathleen Allan and the Amadeus Choir promote their music message to the world. Did you know that a donation of securities can provide an overall tax savings of 27% for contributor and recipient?

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