The Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto invites applications for the position of artistic director and conductor. The Choir is seeking an inspirational leader and exceptional musician to support its mission and strategic initiatives.

This semi-professional, auditioned 80-voice choir is now in its 45th year. The Choir champions the best of choral music and strives to support the work of Canadian artists and composers through a self-produced concert series, guest performances, and special events.

The Choir also engages in educational and community outreach in a variety of ways, including workshops and collaborations with schools and other arts organizations such as the Bach Children’s Chorus, the Elmer Iseler Singers, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

The Amadeus Choir has received numerous awards, and has developed a reputation for the beauty of its sound and the professionalism with which it approaches all its repertoire. Under the outstanding direction of nationally acclaimed conductor Lydia Adams for the past 35 years, the Choir has attracted professional and experienced amateur musicians to its ranks.

While striving for musical excellence, the Choir maintains a culture of respectful collaboration between the artistic director and choristers, the board of directors, and the managing director. The artistic director is accountable to the board of directors, and has overall responsibility for the artistic planning of the group.

The Amadeus Choir receives funding from all levels of government, as well as individual and corporate donors. The incoming artistic director will have an exceptional opportunity to realize their artistic vision within the context of this robust community.


Please submit a written application to the Amadeus Choir office by September 30, 2018.

Amadeus Choir, 4386 Sheppard Ave E, Unit N, Toronto, Ontario. M1S 1T8

Applications received by email will be accepted.   Email:

Applicants are asked to include links to digital files (maximum 5 minutes per) of their choral conducting work in contrasting styles both in rehearsal and performance.

All applications received will be acknowledged by email. Those applicants being considered for an interview will be contacted by phone or email by October 31, 2018.

STATEMENT OF ACCESSIBILITY: the Amadeus Choir is an equal opportunity employer and strives to ensure that its hiring process meets the needs of all persons with disabilities. As such, The Amadeus Choir will provide reasonable accommodation for any applicant, as requested during the hiring process.


Job Description:


Reports to: President of the Board of Directors 

Purpose of Position: To develop and carry out artistic programming, collaborations and concerts that enhances the mission of the organization.  

Time Commitment: Flexible hours, evenings and weekends, regular rehearsal/concert schedule

Remuneration:  Negotiable, depending on experience and education

Start Date: July 2019

Vision & Mission of The Amadeus Choir

Canada’s Amadeus Choir is a community of singers, volunteers and supporters who seek to communicate the power of choral music, creating inspiring, uplifting and profound choral experiences for the choir members and its audiences through performances and recordings.

The Choir seeks to achieve excellence in its performance, and to commission, première, perform and record works of both emerging and established Canadian and international composers.

The Amadeus Choir works in the spirit of creativity and endeavours to treat all within its sphere with respect and integrity.


1.  Promote the Choir’s focus on its mission

  • Work with the Choir, its board or directors and volunteers to promote a positive atmosphere of community within the organization
  • Network with other arts organizations, music directors, and community groups to increase the visibility of the Choir and to encourage collaboration

2. Design, coordinate, and direct Choir’s programming

  • Organize an annual performance schedule including subscription concerts, outreach concerts and decide, in conjunction with the administrative team and board what guest appearance opportunities to accept 
  • Collaborate with administrative team to create a rehearsal schedule at the beginning of each concert year
  • Conduct auditions annually (or as required)
  • Design each concert performance, including theme development and integration of guest artists, ensembles, soloists and visual elements
  • Identify and hire workshop presenters for vocal clinics and other workshops
  • Recommend preferred technicians (recording and others as needed) and musicians to be contracted for each concert project
  • Serve as staff contact to Production Committee ensuring that technical needs, venue contracts, blocking, and staging details run smoothly
  • Recommend section leads and extra professional singers to be hired as needed
  • Be conductor for all series concerts, unless hiring out for specific purpose

3.  Manage administrative and artistic detail for outreach projects

  • Manage communication, logistics and planning details for metro-area community performances
  • Manage planning, schedule, communication, host contacts and programming for Choir’s outreach tours
  • Work closely with administrative team and volunteers coordinating travel, food and housing detail for tours and school outreach concerts
  • Assist in networking with GTA area school administrators to promote Choir’s educational outreach program
  • Manage planning, communication and programming for school concerts

4. Provide supervision for music-related staff and volunteers

  • Supervise the accompanist
  • Identify, coach and supervise the activities of the Choir’s associate director(s) and section leaders
  • Communicate with section leaders regarding vocal issues within the choir, etc. as needed

5.  Facilitate the work of the Artistic Committee

  • Identify concert themes and collaborations that support the choir’s mission.  Research appropriate music for the upcoming seasons (as required by government granting bodies)
  • Ensure that current season music is selected and purchased in a timely manner, in collaboration with the choir’s librarian
  • Coordinate the preparation of music with the librarian before the first rehearsal of the season
  • Communicate with the accompanist regarding the rehearsal material in a timely manner
  • Secure new arrangements/commissions and performance rights where appropriate

6.   Development and Finances

  • Write narrative as needed for concert projects, work with development staff to position grant focus and to prepare grant budgets
  • Prepare annual budget in collaboration with the board treasurer

7.  Communicate regularly with the Choir’s board and other choir leadership

  • Attend board meetings and provide a monthly report to the board
  • Serve as an ex official member of the board
  • Help to develop the choir’s strategic plan 

8. Participate in professional development

  • Participate in professional organizations (Choirs Ontario, ACCC, etc.) 
  • Maintain and update professional competence by attending appropriate workshops, and conferences 
  • Review new choral works and recordings; read professional journals


Required Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Advanced Degree in Music with an emphasis in choral conducting or equivalent conducting experience (minimum 5-6 years)
  • Experience conducting or working with an adult community-based chorus
  • Interest in and commitment to embracing the mission of the Choir
  • Ability to offer strong leadership skills as well as to balance work within a team setting
  • Flexibility in working with a diverse group of volunteers and personalities
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Computer proficiency (word processing, e-mail, online research)
  • Ability to conduct all rehearsals with a highly positive and respectful approach to all choir members.